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All text and images on this website are the intellectual property of Simon Edwin Thomas Puttock (yes, that really is what it says in his passport) unless otherwise accredited or stated. Photographs not taken by Simon Puttock, and images not made by him are credited either directly or somewhere in the nearby text. All words not originally sequenced by Simon Puttock are in quotes and again, the original source will be identified somewhere nearby. Needless to say, all images of, or illustrations from, any books written by Simon Puttock have the necessary permissions to be reproduced. 

Artwork for the homepage is by Daniel Egneus. 


A huge thank you to Katherine Naish who decided that Simon really needed a website, so she gave him one as a present. Thank you also to Fiona Harrison for her unfailing support and for correcting a spelling mistake, thus saving him much mortification. (He shan't tell you which word he got wrong, but it's an easy one.) Thank you to Ross Collins for the good advice. And thank you to Gordon Littlejohn for his numerous and valuable suggestions, especially on how to make better sense. (P.S. typographic errors are not the same as spelling mistakes!)


(Simon did the designing bits all by himself!)